BELEZOS Ecological

We respect what we love – the land – by investing in organic viticulture based on respect for the vines and the natural environment, and the earth shows its appreciation by producing grapes of great quality and honesty.

Variety:Tempranillo, 100%.

Age of Vineyard: More than 15 years old.

Tasting: Dark cherry red with hints of garnet. Intense aromas of forest fruits, strawberries, raspberries and blackberry jam. In addition, there are balsamic overtones of eucalyptus and mint. On the palate, a freshness and pleasant, subtle tannins, with pleasingly-integrated notes of coconut and vanilla. Well balanced with an enticing flavour of gumdrops.

Barrel Ageing: 11 months in American oak.

Bottle Ageing: At least 6 months.

Alcohol Content: 14% VOL.

Ideal Serving Temperature:  16° C – 18° C.