ESTATE Sierra Carbón

Only true passion could preserve a vineyard like Sierra Carbon, with its truly old vines. It has been a privilege to care for this vineyard and to be able to pay homage by creating this wine. We pay attention to every last detail as would be expected when creating a work of art.

Variety: Tempranillo 100%.

Age of Vineyard: More than 50 years old.

Tasting: Bigarreau cherries, with high colour depth and a violet rim. Fresh balsamic notes and subtle mineral characteristics. Overtone of mature fruits, spice and toast. It’s a delicious, powerful red, well-balanced and silky with a long, lingering finish. 

Cask Ageing: 22 months in 600 litre French oak casks.

Bottle Ageing: At least 6 months.

Alcohol Content: 15% VOL.

Ideal Serving Temperature: 16 C – 18 C.